Teacher Externship

Tomorrow I am about to embark on a brand new experience which I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of. I am going to take part in a Teacher Externship. Teacher Externships are a unique experience for teachers to connect with the business world.

I am hoping to gain much insight into the working world to bring knowledge to the classroom and increase the skills of my students. It will allow me to gain a great insight into how areas of STEM are used in the 21st century working world and to observe, first hand the skills that are essential for success. As teachers, we discuss the importance and relevance of 21st century skills and I will be in a unique position to see these skills in action.

I am feeling surprisingly nervous, it feels like my first day on a new job. Who will I meet? What will I do? Will I miss anything exciting back at school? The questions are whizzing around in my head – I really do have butterflies!

I am truly grateful to my school for providing these opportunities and for selecting me to take part. I do feel that it will be of great benefit and begin an important dialogue between education and business and allow me to develop lessons plans that integrate business standards and competencies. It will bring relevance and meaning to my classroom and that of others at my school, a unique opportunity for myself, and them.

My day tomorrow begins at 9:00, something to ponder as a teacher who usually arrives at work at 7:00. It will be highly unusual to get up at a leisurely pace, grab a coffee and hop on the train, like a civilised human being! I am looking forward to this part of the experience.

I know that my experience will enrich the lives of many, including myself, and I am not going to waste this time. I know that I will be itching to get back to my students, to see the end of the year out with them, which is always a special time. Perhaps my new found knowledge of 21st century skills will further enhance this time?

I am eternally gratuitous to both my employer and temporary employer for this wonderful experience. I can’t wait to write my next post as a reflection of my Teacher Externship.

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